Experience design

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Hello. I’m Pei, a New York-based experience designer and creative lead.

I’ve been in and around experience design for most of my professional life, a natural progression that began with architecture, then exhibit design, environmental graphics, and digital products.

In my current incarnation as Experience Design Director for IBM iX, my role is to make things logical, functional, easy and enjoyable for people to use. Working at the level of UX enables me to shape how things work and determine what gets built.

I’m involved in all things user experience, from research to delivery — design thinking, strategy, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, testing.

I am always listening and observing. Understanding human behavior is a big part of what I do. If I have a differentiator, it’s my ability to take complex information and processes and distill them into intuitive experiences. I believe there’s an elegant solution to be found even in the most difficult brain twisters.

I have a cross-sector practice that includes retail, automotive, aerospace, insurance, finance, healthcare, public and non-profit. I devise solutions for enterprise challenges in operations, manufacturing and services.

I particularly enjoy working with public sector and non-profit organizations, where I can use my skills and expertise to make a meaningful impact on a community level.

I work with senior leadership to understand stakeholder and user needs, and translate requirements into creative execution that can be implemented. I also oversee design teams and partner closely with developers to create thoughtfully designed, engaging products and services that deliver business outcomes.

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